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Turkey Meatballs

Chickpea Spaghetti Pasta and Mushrooms in Alfredo Sauce, with Turkey Meatballs, and a side of Broccoli and Corn (Meal Prep)

I took the recipe I use for turkey meatloaf, and changed the loaf in to spheres; now I have turkey meatballs.

((Cooking is not that hard, you guys.))

Protein: Turkey, Pasture-Raised Eggs from Vital Farms

Veggie: Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, Celery

Carbs: Corn, Chickpea Pasta (Spaghetti) from Banza, Oatmeal

Sauce: Alfredo

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Pasta Meatball Nest
My Meatballs :) with Spaghetti Alfredo and Mushrooms, Side of Corn and Broccoli, and half an Apple

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