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Superfood Bites

Eggs Over-Medium, with Vegan Sausage Bites, Avocado, and Veggies

I want you to know that some days, I still eat 1,200 calories before noon.

I eat some meals over the sink, and some in front of the refrigerator.

I HATE grocery shopping.

Hate it.

The struggle is not lost on me.

I’m lucky to have food at all.

This is an account of privilege.

The way I used to eat (and think) was counter to my survival (which is insanity) — and there is an abundance of food (and skills) available to me; so I just keep showing up for myself, in all these ways — and the knowledge will come, and the peace will come, and the fight will hopefully serve others.

Protein: Two Pasture-Raised Eggs by Vital Farms, Two (Vegan) Superfood Breakfast Bites by Big Mountain Foods, Cheese, Vegetarian “Bacon” Bits by Frontier Co-op

Veggie: Sautéed Spinach, Onions

Carb: Tomatoes, Peppers, Avocado, Olives

(No ego.)

((Well… less ego.))

((Reduced-fat ego.))


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