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Sourdough Boule

Sourdough Boule

Along with the fruits and veggies (and eggs), I (also) received this beautiful ((this is not a loaf; is it called a boule? I think it’s called a boule)) boule ((ah, shit I hope that’s right)) of sourdough bread, which was made of only flour, water, and salt.

I don’t know if you can tell how big it is (giggity) ((but it’s huge; double giggity)), or that it sort of looks like a penis ((hey-o)), but ((it is, and it does, and I’ve turned off the comments, so)) let’s never talk about it again



Carbs: Sourdough Bread (by @DesertBreadLV)

+ This meal is refined sugar free (and sugar substitute free), to the best of my knowledge.

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