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Pasta and Veggie Food Nest

Tiny Tomato Pasta and Veggie Food Nest

Tiny tomato pasta and veggie food nest.

((I’ve been giving away more food recently, and people keep asking me, “What is this?” and I don’t have a good answer; like, “It’s food. I made it. You’ll like it. Eat it.”

That’s the name of everything I make.
(Except this one. This one is Carol.)
((Hiii Carrooll…))

If you ask me anyway, I’m going to have to make something up, like, “Oh, it’s a tiny tomato pasta and veggie food nest; thank you for asking.”))

((Up to you.))

Protein: Parmesan Cheese

Veggie: Broccoli, Carrots, Mushrooms

Carbs: Chickpea Pasta (Spaghetti), Tomatoes, Corn

Sauce: Alfredo Sauce

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