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Nectarines, Sliced, and Plated

@nomadkravmaga gave me some nectarines last night. @nomadkravmaga said, “you should post them, and tag us in it.” @nomadkravmaga said, “you can put ’em in a bowl or on a plate, or something.” @nomadkravmaga suggested, “maybe some microgreens.”

@nomadkravmaga helps keep me sane, and safe, and sober, and strong, and slim ((man, — thank you)).

@nomadkravmaga doesn’t ask for much in return.

Go follow @nomadkravmaga, or visit them online.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can get a free class!

((Not an ad; not sponsored.)) ((Unless you count the nectarines.))

Veggie: Microgreens

Carb: Free Nectarines

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