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Meal Prep For You

Meal Prep, Mushroom Chicken, Veggies, Rice

Serious question: ((What are you wearing?)) ((Nope; wrong account.)) Do you want me to meal prep for you? ((Yep.)) ((That’s it.))

Protein: Chicken (I bought whole from Whole Foods, then deboned), Edamame

Veggie: Mushrooms, Red Onions, Carrots, Broccoli

Carb: Rice, Corn

Sauce: Mushroom Bisque Soup by Amy’s Kitchen

((To be clear: there’s (a ton) of rice under those veggies; I’m not a crazy person.)) ((…who asks the internet rhetorical questions (…she definitely wants the answer to).))

((I hope it’s cotton.))
((I mean yes.))


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