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Honey Browned Bananas

Honey-Browned Banana, Yogurt, Fruit, with Perfect Bar

Those bananas were drizzled with honey (and browned).

Honey is a sugar that I have on occasion.

If that makes me a fraud, I’d rather you know it now.

I’m not going to buy a new honey, when this one runs out, but I’m also not going to throw away this honey.

(Also that (half a sliced) Perfect Bar is sweetened with honey too…)

((Come to think of it — I eat one of those most days; some days I eat two…))


((God, grant me the courage…))
((Thank you for letting me share.))

Protein: (Vegan) Yogurt by Kite Hill, (Peanut Butter) Protein Bar by Perfect Bar, Almonds

Veggie: I mean…

Carb: Banana, Strawberries, (Frozen) Blueberries, Honey

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