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Chopping, Slicing, and Dicing

Getting better at chopping, slicing, and dicing; Breakfast of Apple, Tomato, Potato Latke, Eggs, and Avocado

Getting better at chopping, slicing, and dicing!

Protein: Pasture-Raised Eggs by Vital Farms

Veggie: Fuck Vegetables

Carb: Tomato, Avocado, (Potato) Latke (from The Deli Counter at Whole Foods), Apple

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Potato Latke with Avocado Heart, Spinach Salad with Onions, Tomatoes, Olives; Microgreens, and Eggs with Cheese
Two Eggs, Latke, Avocado, Microgreens, Refried Black Beans, Cheese, Spinach Salad of Onions, Corn and Tomatoes

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