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Bruschetta Salsa

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  • Chocolate Tomatoes Pico / Bruschetta Mixed
  • Chocolate Tomatoes Pico / Bruschetta on Toast with Sprouts, Basil, and Parmesan Cheese
  • Melissa's To-Do List: Make Salsa (Check!), WTF Radishes

I didn’t know what to do with those tomatoes; they weren’t exactly tomato flavored… I’d figured I was pretty pumped for pico, and I’d had some peppers and onions, so I could probably produce a salsa.

I decided to add some garlic and herbs (for whimsy), but then it tasted more like a bruschetta, so then I decided to add some olive oil, and eat it over toast, with some sprouts; which worked out fine.

I don’t know what makes a bruschetta, a bruschetta, but I’m not going to get fired from my own kitchen, in my own house, paying my own fucking bills, so — we play with our ‘maters, and we let the people say what they want.


((Also, if your to-do list looks like my to-do list, I think we should hang out some time. You’re fun.))

+ The farm fresh organic produce in this meal was delivered to me by Cluck-It Farm CSA.
+ This meal is refined sugar free (and sugar substitute free), to the best of my knowledge.

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